The number of new clients who used the Salvation Army’s Penticton Food Bank in April doubled from this time last year.

“A great many of them have lost work due to COVID and are unable to put food on their tables,” says Family Services Manager John Rankin.

So if you’re hungry, please do not hesitate to come by, says Major Paul Trickett. They have been seeing many new clientele and he wants to ensure everyone feels comfortable when they arrive.

“Our numbers are up and of the people who are coming out, many haven’t used the Food Bank before,” he said.

The Salvation Army has also been giving food to local churches to distribute to others in need.

Do you need food?

A hamper usually lasts one or more weeks depending on consumption. If you need a hamper, you can register over the phone by calling 250-492-4788.

The Food Bank also offers ‘Grab and Go’ bags with deli, fresh produce, bakery items and other foods for those in need. These do not require registration. Demand for these bags continue to increase, now at more than 100 per day.

The Food Bank is open Monday to Friday (9-11:45am and 1-4pm) and is located at 2399 South Main Street, beside the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

How to donate

While food stocks are okay right now, financial support is always greatly welcomed.

The Salvation Army thrift stores are temporarily closed, which are a revenue generator. While the Food Bank is receiving government funding now, it’s unclear how long this will continue.

Major Trickett says the Salvation Army isn’t just planning for two months down the road, but for the year ahead.

Want to volunteer?

Trickett says Penticton has a supportive community with excellent volunteers. Saying that, they recruit volunteers year-round to help with the Food Bank and thrift stores, when they reopen.

If you’re interested in volunteering, you can sign up on the Salvation Army Penticton website.

Thank you

Join us in extending a heartfelt thank you to the Salvation Army and the many volunteers who are working hard to ensure people aren’t going hungry. We appreciate you!

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