Video is extremely attractive and engaging to job seekers, especially the younger generation, and can give organizations a competitive edge. Videos can capture what words can’t, the faces of your employees; how your company looks and feels; and the passion, authenticity, enthusiasm and culture that lives inside your company.

video recruitment stats

Video is the most watched, shared and forwarded digital content

A recruitment video does more than invite potential employees to take look inside your business and job opportunity. It’s a good way  to communicate your values, attitude, and ideas to a wider audience – like your customers, suppliers and community. As well as being easy to make, do-it-yourself recruitment videos are the perfect way to show and tell your company’s success story in a lighthearted and authentic way.

So, you want to make a fantastic video…

Great news! Lots of small companies have attracted the kind of people they wanted to hire by making their own recruitment videos.

It’s easy –  and you can use the tools you have on hand. We know that adding a video to your Start Here Okanagan profile will set you apart, increase your reach, and show your potential candidates that your pride in your company, the culture, and your team.

 recruitment video steps

We’re here to help you find great people, faster

Want to talk this over with your team? Download our handy ‘Video Recruiting Works’ pdf here.

Once you’re ready to get going – make sure you download our step-by-step Toolkit RecruitmentVideo-Toolkit.

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