Total new hires for the region are estimated to be in excess of 75,000 workers by the year 2020. Population growth and current migration levels are sufficient to cover between only between 52.3% and 69.4% of all new hires.

Central Okanagan Development Commission contracted a report in 2014 to analyze a range of human resource issues facing the region, including an assessment of labour supply and demand, regional recruitment and retention issues, training needs, and other human resource issues faced by the region.

South Okanagan businesses may want to pay particular attention to this issue, as the area has the highest number of seasonal workers and the oldest workforce of the three Okanagan regions.

Is your business prepared?

900 employers were surveyed for this study. Only one third of them reported having an HR Strategy to deal with their workforce requirement.

The report authors recommended:

  • reaching out to facilities, such as UBC’s Okanagan Campus and Okanagan College to communicate the business’s training needs
  • re-engaging workers who have left the labour force and/or have retired
  • developing innovative strategies to bring new workers into the region
  • look to hire newcomers who bring skills from other countries and readiness to work and settle in the community

Creating or polishing your strategy

It’s a good idea to consult an HR professional, but even without help, you can make meaningful progress on your HR Strategy. There is a wealth of information online and today’s social media reach and increasingly mobile work force makes it easier than ever to reach past your town borders. One fun and effective way to reach potential employees is creating your own recruitment video.

Although originating in the non-profit sector, has a fantastic toolkit that will help any employer plan for the many factors that go into successful HR strategies.

Keep an eye on Start Here Okanagan’s Employer Blog for more helpful info.



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