If you’re a local business owner in need of staff, Neil Squire has a solution. The non-profit organization is offering wage subsidies up to 100% to hire a job-seeker who has a disability.   

Not only will you gain a valuable new staff member, but you’re helping to get someone back to work, while diversifying your workforce.

“Right now, employers are open to being creative about their new working environments, and this is a great opportunity to look at how you can diversify your workforce,” said Mindy Rollins, a Case Manager serving the Okanagan region for Neil Squire.

To top it off, this non-profit makes the hiring process easy. They’ll connect you with skilled, job-ready candidates with disabilities. They’ll also help with the administration of the paperwork and can offer an easy turnaround. If they don’t have a suitable person in mind for your position, they’ll even ask around through their local connections.

The wage subsidy is being offered to eligible employers in association with the Government of Canada and is sure to be a tremendous benefit to businesses during the pandemic.

Find out more! Email Mindy for information at mindyr@neilsquire.ca and visit their website.

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