Without music, our lives are less complete whether you’re a musician bridging the audience gap or a listener seeking entertainment through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Its mandate never more important, the Penticton & District Community Arts Council (PDCAC) has been reimagining its Arts Matter Program to support local artists who are now creating digital and online content for our community. The Arts Council is a strong advocate for artists being paid for their time and continues to support and communicate this belief during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Arts Matter Online and PDCAC Arts Fund offer an opportunity for local artists to apply to create family-friendly video content under 30 minutes long at their self-isolated location. Digital downloadable material is also welcome. 

Says Bethany Handfield, PDCAC administrator, “Community support is vital. While our mandate includes making art accessible to all and not everyone is able to give, we encourage anyone who is passionate about supporting local artists to consider a donation.”  Tax receipts are automatically issued through Canada Helps for online donations $5 and up. It’s easy to contribute online.

This fund goes entirely to the Arts Matter Online program to be distributed to the artists whose applications have been approved and who have created content. This content is free for the community to watch, participate in, or download.

Follow Arts Matter on Facebook to learn about the latest performances and don’t forget to visit the calendar.

“Listen + Create with Sam McNally”, for example, allows you to join McNally as he plays the French Horn and pick up some of his techniques. “Song Catching with Yanti” led listeners to explore voices through the songs of the Ubuntu Choir Network as taught in the oral tradition by local vocalist, Yanti Sharples Rowland. The calendar has highlighted performances by other local musicians such as Aidan Mayes, Tavis Weir, Maiya Robbie and Isaac Jordan.

Handfield suggests many ways we can love local as listeners:

  • Attend online performances and live events as they return.
  • Pay the artist, buy merchandise, tip the performance.
  • Donate to groups like PDCAC, the Penticton Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts, and the Okanagan Symphony Orchestra – as it celebrates its 60th anniversary this year having to cancel engagements.
  • Spread the word about local artists.

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