A new private school in Summerland makes world-class education available to local and international students.

Located in the heart of the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Unisus International School in Summerland is the perfect setting for educating today’s students for tomorrow’s fast changing world.

As one of the warmest and driest places in Canada, the small town of Summerland provides a welcoming and safe environment where students can participate in outdoor activities year around. The 17-acre park-like campus also has extensive field and gymnasium facilities. Participation in sports and extracurricular activities is well-known to enhance academic achievement and for secondary students, to boost their chances of gaining admission into top universities.

UNISUS’ proximity to, and partnership with cutting-edge technology companies in the Okanagan Valley creates opportunities for students to see and experience innovation and entrepreneurship in action. Innovation and entrepreneurship are integral parts of the UNISUS forward-thinking, world-class education with the goal of creating a global community of young leaders to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

“We are currently experiencing digital transformation where technological advancements are changing our daily lives much faster than we could have ever imagined. More than 65 per cent of students will work in jobs that don’t even exist today,” operations director Cindy Leung said.

The school’s trans-disciplinary curriculum focuses on STEAM—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics—and inquiry-based learning. Science tells students how things work, technology gives them the tools to do the tasks and engineering the skills to solve problems. The arts provide an opportunity for personal expression and mathematics the ability to communicate through numbers.

“We need to nurture the creativity of children as young as three years old and STEAM is an excellent way to do that,” Leung said.

UNISUS also embraces the concept of creating hands-on ways that encourage students to design, invent and build as they engage in the STEAM approach to learning. The critical thinking and problem-solving skills students learn at UNISUS will help them to become creative, innovative and resilient risk takers.

Language proficiency, another pillar of the UNISUS program, is important in educating global thinkers and leaders. Competency in English, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese, among other languages offered at UNISUS, will allow students to communicate with over 90 per cent of the global population.

Heena Nagar and Nitin Morar, parents of Grade 1 student Ishan, were initially drawn to the school because “of the innovative approach and out-of-the-box thinking.”

UNISUS is welcoming students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 for the 2018-19 academic year. Starting in the academic year 2019-20, UNISUS will accept international and local students from Junior Kindergarten through Grade 11.

“The presence of international students gives all students the opportunity to immerse themselves in different cultures and develop a truly global perspective,” Leung said.

Construction of a dormitory to welcome around 100 students will begin in spring 2018.Upon completion of the dormitory, UNISUS will be the only international school in Western Canada offering Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 programs and weekly and fulltime boarding.

UNISUS aspires to become an International Baccalaureate school and this year will be seeking candidacy status for the primary years program.

For information visit www.unisus.ca.

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