Penticton seeks to become recognized as an age-friendly community – and needs our help. This an opportunity to provide feedback that will make our city even more inclusive, welcoming and accessible for people of all ages, including older adults.

The City is calling on and business owners/operators to help tell the story of what ‘age-friendly’ means to them. How is Penticton age-friendly? What can be improved? All information is available at

What’s this All About?

Penticton is taking steps to become recognized by the Province of B.C. as an age-friendly community. It’s about being a place that’s welcoming for all ages – from tots to older adults as well as young and growing families. It’s also where older adults can live active, socially engaged and independent lives.

As part of this process, the City has launched a public photography assignment to collect ideas that may be included in its Age-Friendly Action Plan.

How to Get Involved

The City recommends starting by reading the World Health Organization’s eight elements of an age-friendly community. Then take photos throughout your neighbourhood to show examples of how Penticton is supportive and inclusive for all ages and abilities – and suggest ideas for improvements.

Students: Why not spend some time with an older adult such as a grandparent to consider how daily life might look through their eyes? Take photos of your experiences – whether you’re at the park, going to the shops or waiting for a bus.

Adults: Ask yourself: What is helping you stay well? What is making life more difficult?

Businesses: What are you doing to support your older customers? Are your products and is your environment accessible?

Find out more about this project at


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