Our featured small business owner is Grant Stevely of Dubh Glas Distillery  (pronounced dugh-luhs) at Gallagher Lake. Stevely’s appreciation of single malt led him to learn more from industry experts in craft distilling in the United States and Scotland.  Community Futures asked him to share some advice for new entrepreneurs.


If you were to give advice to a budding entrepreneur, what would you tell them?

Through hard work and dedication you can achieve your goals. Hard work and dedication isn’t without sacrifice though.


What has been the biggest highlight in your first year of operation?

The biggest highlight has been the support I have received from friends, family and the community.


What has been your biggest struggle that you had to overcome so far in your business?

The biggest struggle is trying to achieve goals, both financial and tangible.

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Dubh Glas Distillery Founder, Grant Stevely

Dubh Glas Distillery Founder, Grant Stevely

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