A recruitment video does more than invite potential employees to take look inside your business and job opportunities.

 It communicates your values, attitudes and ideas to a wider audience, including your customers, suppliers and community. As well as being easy to make, do-it-yourself recruitment videos are the perfect way to show your company’s success story in a lighthearted and authentic way.

Video is the most watched and shared digital content. By making a video, you are creating opportunities for your message to travel far. The technology is available in smart phones and cameras to capture great footage and there are many different editing options available. Making a video with your team is not only fun, it’s also a great way to bring everyone together on a project that can have surprisingly positive impact on your existing employee community.

We’ve made an easy step-by-step Toolkit

This guide will help you through the planning, production, and editing phases. There’s even a  helpful checklist to make sure you’re addressed the critical elements. Download the free RecruitmentVideo-Toolkit here.

Don’t quite believe that your team and a couple of smart phones can make a high quality recruiting tool?  Check out what Linked In has to say about it in this lighthearted, but valuable video:

Why do you need a recruitment video?

Video is a powerful way to show potential employees a side of your company that words and pictures alone can’t convey. Studies have shown that video content is retained in the human brain at a 95% rate compared to the mere 10% retention of text-based content.

  • A video is a standout element of your marketing campaign. You are competing against many other employers, and not just in your own community – make sure you are putting your best foot forward and catching the eye of the most suitable talent
  • It gives candidates a look inside your company’s offices.
  • It gives your current employees a way to come together, bond as a team, and learn more about each other.
  • It creates something for you to share on social media (i.e. your LinkedIn page) to attract more candidates. You can easily leverage the power of the social networks, at no extra cost to you.
  • It allows job seekers to identify with your workplace culture, feel connected to your staff, and begin to feel excited about you as a potential employer!


Woman taking video footage with a smartphone

You can use your smartphone to take professional quality video footage

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