Oliver Eats: an incubator for food businesses – Community Futures Small Biz Spotlight

When a new business opens its doors, it brings vibrant energy and attention to any area it occupies. And when the business in question is modeled to support other businesses, that energy can only be intensified. Derek Uhlemann travelled the west coast working as a chef and witnessed service companies, often contracted by wineries, in […]

Lake Village Bakery: Succession Success- Community Futures Small Biz Spotlight

What would you do when faced with the difficult decision to sell the business you have been growing successfully for years? You pass it on to good friends. When Sean and Shannon Peltier opened The Lake Village Bakery (LVB) in Osoyoos, they never imagined that shortly after opening Sean would develop a severe allergy to […]

The scoop on growing the family business – Community Futures Small Biz Spotlight

Located on the south end of Skaha Lake, Okanagan Falls (OK Falls) was originally named after a small set of falls that lay on the Okanagan River. However, if you go looking for the now-submerged falls you may find another way to cool down in the summer sun at Tickleberry’s. The locally owned and operated […]

Work in the morning, ski in the afternoon

FACT: It’s not slacking off when you’re at your computer at 5am to deal with the essentials of work before the lifts open, and back at it by 3pm until well-past-dinner to close off the deadlines for the day. On blue sky and fresh snow days, I work what is essentially a split shift. Sure, […]

From Dream to Business Launch: The Anomaly House of Art – Community Futures Small Biz Spotlight

Looking to start your career on your own terms is ambitious.  Shae Ayris, of The Anomaly House of Art, located in Apple Plaza Penticton, learned that Community Futures could help her with her dream.  A friend recommended that she contact Community Futures after feeling lost about what to do first, how to get funding, and […]

Catching up over coffee

When it’s time to take a break, grab a cup of coffee with a friend, or catch up over a mocha with a colleague, Penticton has a number of shops to warm you in winter or for an iced cappuccino in summer. Since it’s December as we tally this list of a few suggested spots, […]

Molly’s Beach Farm – Community Futures Small Biz Spotlight

This month’s client is Dave Caswell, of Molly’s Beach Farm. This next generation farmer from Keremeos, in the South Okanagan, recently took over his parents’ farm, Starvation Flats Farm.  You can find him at the Penticton Farmers’ Market every Saturday morning from April to October.   Dave attended the Self Employment Program at Community Futures Development […]

The 40-Minute Air Commute from Penticton to Vancouver

I woke up this morning at 8 am and prepared my 9-month-old daughter for the day. I packed my overnight bag, had a latte & a smoothie and left the house at 9:20 and headed for Penticton’s YYF airport. My flight was due to leave at 10:10 and being Penticton, there were no issues with […]

Meeting over eggs and coffee

Having a conversation with a client or colleague doesn’t just have to be over coffee. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be indoors in Penticton. From bistros, to outdoor café patios, to retro diners, breakfast meetings can happen in a booth, or on the beach. The Bench Market on “Vancouver Hill”, as locals call […]

Not finding the job you want?

Shift out of anxiety and into adventure in your job search. Humans are creatures of habit. We get an idea in our heads about what we want or don’t want and scan the landscape with that measuring stick firmly in hand. It’s very easy to miss new possibilities when this creates ‘inattentional blindness’ – the […]

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