The arts are alive and thriving in Penticton, as well as the entire Okanagan Valley of British Columbia!

A guest posting by Timothy Tweed for the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce

 Having moved to Penticton just 10 years ago (after spending 25 years living in Vancouver), I’m still astounded on a daily basis with the incredible amount of creative talent we have here in a very small geographic area. There are an impressive number of artists working in a wide variety of mediums, from two-dimensional visual arts like painting, illustration, visual and graphic design to three-dimensional arts such as sculpting, pottery and woodworking. As well, we boast a healthy number of authors, poets, singers, musicians, dancers, actors, photographers and videographers.


Over the past few years, many new arts-related businesses have cropped up in our area, giving local artists new ways to expose their works to the public, and giving the public new and interesting ways to experience many forms of art. Some of these new businesses include café galleries and mixed-use artist studios, and these small businesses are leading the charge to change the public’s perception of where and when art can be experienced. In addition, there are even art classes available in some of these non-traditional venues, allowing the public to enjoy local cuisine and wines, while learning to create art of their own!    


The Penticton & District Community Arts Council is a strong advocate for the arts in and around Penticton, and the local business community has been very supportive of our upcoming arts festival, entitled “ArtsRising”. The aim of this new festival is to bring the arts and business communities even closer, and working together to create new and interesting ways for us all to experience the arts.


Why not plan a visit to Penticton during the first annual “ArtsRising” festival, Sept. 21-24, 2017? You can immerse yourself in the all the arts & culture that our region has to offer. Who knows – you just may end up staying here forever!


This post is part of a series of articles provided by the Penticton and Wine Country Chamber of Commerce

Article author Timothy Tweed is the President of the Penticton & District Community Arts Council. To learn more about the Penticton Arts Council or the ArtsRising festival, please visit and

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