About Start Here Okanagan

An Initiative of the City of Penticton

Where Am I?

Start Here Okanagan is an online guide to the employment market, resources, and communities of the South Okanagan region of British Columbia. If you’re looking for a career or new opportunities in a place where the sun shines 2000 hours per year you’re in the right place.

What Happens Here?

We match people with jobs. And jobs with people. Our easy-to-use search and sort software helps job seekers find the position that’s right for them. As well, we assist local employers and recruiters in identifying qualified applicants for the vacancies they urgently need to fill.

I'm a Job Seeker - Why Should I Register?

Start Here Okanagan is a one-stop relocation platform: An ideal job search headquarters for anyone interested in working in the sunny South Okanagan.
Here’s Why:
  Better Search – simple and powerful search tools make it easy for job seekers to stay organized and compare career opportunities and communities.
  Up-To- Date Local Information – finding the right position is easier with fast access to the latest job postings
Job Seeker Registration

I’m Recruiting to fill a Position - How Does It Work?

If you operate in the South Okanagan region this is where you’ll find who you’re looking for faster.
Recruiters and employers can efficiently reach qualified and skilled personnel interested in the advantages that the South Okanagan lifestyle offers. As well, companies receive dedicated promotional pages on the site, including optional video profiles. There is no limit on the number and frequency of job postings.
  No Fees – the only requirement is a valid City of Penticton, or District of Summerland business license. Don’t have a license in either of these communities? That’s ok – it’s just a small fee to participate in the premier South Okanagan relocation platform!
  Smart Search Filters – simple and straightforward screening and tracking tools can save time and money
  Search for your Candidate – don’t just wait for them to come to you. Our platform will allow you to create searches for certain skills and qualities that are a fit for your role. Hire for these positions seasonally? Save your searchesand revive them as needed. It’s easy
  Stay on top of Employer News – part of the benefit of our partnerships is that we can bring important news and announcements to you. Hear about employment subsidies, how to engage Newcomers in your workforce, and all about recruitment tactics that are really working
  Showcase your Company – Job seekers are savvy these days and they will want to know all about your company and the benefits of working with your team. Make research easy for them by having a compelling company profile on our platform and enhance it with a video that gives job seekers the insider view on your company culture and workplace. Help them to choose you!
Information for Employers

I’m a Taxpayer - Why Is the City of Penticton Doing This?

Local employers asked us for help in attracting and keeping employees. This initiative proactively addresses the critical issue of skills shortages in our region.
By innovatively using digital tools and new techniques, we can make progress in dealing with this clearly-identified impediment to community wellbeing, sustainability, and economic health.
Created locally with firsthand community knowledge and operated as a public service, Start Here Okanagan will offer a positive and progressive visitor experience. And it will become the definitive source for timely and accurate data about employment and economic opportunities in our region.
Now, people considering a move here will have access to useful information that will support them in making better decisions. This will help to ensure easy and productive relocations to our community, as well as promote our region to companies considering expansion or start-up operations.

Find Out More about Partnership Opportunities Here

This platform is designed to act as a portal and our Partnerships allow us to efficiently share relevant information on living & working here. Other South Okanagan Communities can make doing business easier for their employers by participating as partners. Organizations looking to strengthen or grow their communities should also contact us about the benefits of partnering on Start Here Okanagan.
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