With autumn descending upon the South Okanagan, its warm days but progressively cooler evenings and a even a tease of early frost in corners of the windshield in the early evening, the hustle and bustle of a busy summer weaves into a slower pace. But, that paces begs the question, “what to do next?”… it’s time to (re) connect with colleagues and friends.

Once festival season calms down — save for late fall marathons and the start of winter sport competitions, plus an annual wine festival — and house guests are gone till the next holiday weekend or beach weather returns, there are many ways to get together and take in harvest season. Wineries and restaurants switch to bolder wines and heartier dishes to share at family-style dinners, an excellent way to gather with folks you didn’t have time to chat with during the rush of summer. There’s even a community potluck inspired by living the “slow and easy life”, organized by Naramata Slow.

The tech community comes back together for monthly TechBrew meetups at rotating spots around Penticton. Technology professionals who spend their days at their screens come out for evenings of conversation and networking. And remote workers have a great space, freshly renovated, to collaborate and meet in CoWork Penticton.

Speaking of networks, Penticton has been getting its share of upgrades as new fiber optic lines are installed throughout the area, making it faster, literally, to connect online across the globe. The reverse? A local writer can head to Europe on assignment for a series of posts, videos, and stories related to Canada 150 and the role Canadian troops played in the liberation of Europe, and stream it back to her hometown, connecting the Okanagan to world history.

Fall is also the season of getting back into learning. A class at Okanagan College, a wine tasting course, or even enrolling family members in a program at the Penticton Public Library or Penticton Recreation.

Time to breathe in the cool, crisp air, and gather ideas for connectivity, virtually and in real life.

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