All around Penticton, people are working together to support each other – and our local businesses. Visit Penticton has been digging in to some of these local business stories and sharing the love all over their website and social media feeds.

Here are eight reasons to check out Visit Penticton right now.

  1. Instagram takeovers

Each Tuesday, Visit Penticton hands over its Instagram keys to a local business. This ‘takeover’ offers a behind-the-scenes look at how some of our favourite places operate.

Be sure to check it out their Instagram page each week to see these insider stories (tags @visitpenticton and #visitpenticton). It will showcase various sectors, shining a light on the people who work there, their customers and suppliers.

  1. The list you need right now

Which local businesses are open? It’s a question that comes up often. Well, thankfully, Visit Penticton is continuously updating its list of local businesses that are ready to serve you.

And if you’re a local business owner, make sure you notify them with any updates.

  1. Be a tourist in your own town

We. Live. Here. And it’s pretty awesome. Check out Visit Penticton’s Staycation Ideas blog for local updates and other inspirational ideas.

Also watch for their weekly articles in Castanet and the Penticton Western News offering tips about how we can be a tourist in our own town.

  1. Get social

Follow Visit Penticton on Facebook and Instagram to see their inspirational photos as well as their Instagram stories featuring local businesses.

And share your photos! Don’t forget to tag #lovelocalpenticton for all, as well as @visitpenticton, #visitpenticton, #visitpentictonlater, #exploreBClocal, @visitsouthokanagan and #visitsouthokanagan.

  1. Download your free colouring book

Visit Penticton teamed up with the Penticton Arts Council to create the coolest colouring book ever, featuring iconic locations and designed by local artists (see Ogopogo).

The ‘Dream Now. Visit Later’ colouring book is available for free download on their website. Contributing artists include Ariane Kamps, Bibiana Hooper, Bobi McMillan, Carla O’Bee, Lindsay Peltz and Skyler Punnett.

  1. Visitor’s Centre (coming soon)

The Penticton Visitor’s Centre at 888 Westminster Avenue West aims to reopen in mid- to late-June. More details to come!

  1. New tourism alliance shines light on South Okanagan

Travel Penticton is the lead agency guiding the new South Okanagan Tourism Alliance. This strategic marketing alliance will include a new website (coming soon), supported by a digital and traditional media marketing strategy. Read this Castanet article for further details and stay tuned for updates.

  1. For local businesses

If you’re a local tourism business, you’ll want to know all about the local advertising campaign Travel Penticton is offering with deep discounts.

Now, get back enjoying all our city has to offer! A big thanks to the team at Travel Penticton for all they’re doing to support local business.

Tell us your story

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