It’s the local butcher. The family-run restaurant. That specialty bakery. The coffee shop. The book shop. The bike store. Your favourite boutique. The list goes on.

You can picture yourself inside each of these places. But what would you do if they weren’t here tomorrow?

If you want to see your favourite locales survive, they will need our support. Penticton’s Love Local awareness campaign is an opportunity to use the power of your dollar to put local first.

Here are some ways you can eat, shop and love local.

1. Take a picture and share it on social media

Sounds simple, right? Show your support by taking a photo inside the business and sharing it on social media. Did you eat an amazing meal? Spread the word. And don’t forget to use the hashtag #lovelocalpenticton. Others to use include #visitpentictonlater, #visitpenticton, #downtownpenticton and #OKwegotthis.

2. Follow your favourite businesses on social media

Show your support by ‘liking’ or ‘following’ that business’s pages. There’s strength in numbers.

3. Leave online reviews

Again, this is a way to show your support for your favourite businesses and boost their overall profile. This will help your favourite businesses stand out amongst all the noise, while boosting their online presence. If you like the businesses, give them a positive review  on TripAdvisor, Facebook, or Yelp.

4. Choose local first – online too!

So, you need to purchase a birthday gift? Before you click, think local first. Many local businesses are now selling online. Also, the Downtown Penticton Association offers an Online Marketplace, which you can search by business category. Not only are you supporting the local economy but you will find unique. Many shops offer curbside pickup and delivery options.

5. Order takeout or delivery

Many local restaurants are offering takeout as well as delivery options. Call them directly to find out what they’re offering. Visit Penticton also offers a list of local places offering food to go.

6. Buy a gift card

Support now, redeem later.

7. Keep your subscriptions if possible

Imagine the challenges that local dance studios, gyms and other businesses that rely on monthly subscriptions are facing. But things are changing! Many of these businesses have moved their models online, offering virtual lessons and classes. Why not give them a try?

8. How to support local wineries & breweries

Think wine clubs, growler clubs and buying online. You’ll find some great tips on this Castanet article!

9. Tell others about your positive experiences

Did you get a good deal? Was it an amazing meal? Old-school word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

10. Show your community pride

Help spread the word. Use the hashtag – #lovelocalpenticton – to help us raise awareness of this important awareness campaign. Also, find out how you can get your own ‘Love Local’ window cling for your car or shop window. Email us at and share the love.

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